Dedicated Team

Every project will be a success if we have a solid team. Teamwork is the key to executing successful projects. We provide expertise people onshoring or near-offshoring at specific time you choose.

Web Apps

We create web apps from the various stacks that suit your organization needs. Whether is the internal system web apps or the outstanding company profile website, we can make sure the web apps will be your significant value added for your milestone.

Mobile Apps

Mobile device users are growing very fast nowadays. We can create solutions right to the android and iOs mobile native to expand your network and grow your customer rapidly. We sit side by side to you and create extraordinary mobile apps solutions to make your life easier.

Data Science

We can help you provide insights into the big data. Starting from the data warehouse, data delivery layer, extract transform load (ETL), data analytics with the machine learning algorithm, creating dashboard and reports of the current trend and prediction what will matter next. This can save time for you to make a decision.


Content is the king. A website you can manage yourself easily. You are the content owner, it so easy to create, edit, approve and publish content by yourself without depending on us. Just start creating your content today, it’s very easy.


Small business and home business or even large retail, we have the team to make it digital. With various expertise of the technology stack, we can deliver you a solution about listing products, payments, and logistic delivery at your fingertips. You just focus on sales and growth, we take care of the development.


Hospital management is complex. We can make it more simple. We have a Hospital Information System that proven on a various private hospital in Bali. We can simplify the process and tackle the challenges in managing the hospital system and make your Hospital a better place.


Mapping solution for your company. we provide survey, spatial analysis, web gis, a map for submitting permit and spatial database. We have an experienced GIS that has been involved in Oil and Gas and EPC company across Indonesia. From well mapping, pipeline mapping, land mapping, and aerial survey.


What is the thing that makes you are you? Yeah, we here to retouch the branding of your company to reach more customer and to engage more with the user, whether is existing users or potential new users.


We have many talented designers that can make your products stand out from the competitor or even the other business. We hear from you what matter and iterate more and more to produce the best design to emphasize your product have more value and make an impact.

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